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QCSSA is the largest and oldest Chinese student organization at Queen’s University. With Chinese as its core community, the organization is a non-politcal, non-profit large student body serving all undergraduates, masters, PhDs, as well as exchange students.  It not only bridges the gaps between Queen’s and China, but also provides a convenient platform for overseas Chinese to seek friendship.

QCSSA 2019
2019-2020 QCSSA

2019-2020 Leadership

kexin zhang

Kexin Zhang (Nina) is a 3rd-year student of APEC and currently serves as the cochair of QCSSA. She is responsible for the external connection and management of the association. Hoping to lead QCSSA to provide more convenience and services for Chinese scholars, and also wishes to cooperates well with more associations.


Mengya song

Mengya Song is a 3rd year student in Life Science SSP Program. She is the treasurer for QCSSA. She controls the money and supports activities financially. She also makes sure the association is financially stable.

xuefei ma

Jasmine Ma is a 3rd year student major in Computing. She is the cochair of QCSSA and responsible for social media’s edit of the association. She is also in charge of the website building group.

Looking forward to creating a more comfortable environment for international students and showing more people what QCSSA has to offer.


Cherish Fan is a 2nd year student major in Software Development. She is the head of the Department of Media and responsible for poster and text designs for our association. Moreover, she is responsible for website matainance and development.

She will do her best to help QCSSA and each Chinese student at Queen’s.

Jimmy wu

Jimmy Wu is a 3rd year student studying international communication. He is the head of the Department of Lesion and responsible for raising sponsorship for the association to make sure QCSSA can hold more events for Queen’s students.

He will do his best to contribute to QCSSA association more and raise more sponsors to support QCSSA. 


Jessica Zeng is a 2nd-year student major in Film and Media, and she is the leader of the Event Department of QCSSA. Her main job is to lead team members to organize some useful activities for Queen’s students in life and study. Meanwhile, the entertaining activities of traditional Chinese festivals for international students are also included. 

Hope to provide a convenient living environment and significant activities for international students, so that everyone can enjoy the joyful atmosphere of QCSSA.

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